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The Pellizzato Law Firm provides tailored legal advice, judicial and extrajudicial assistance to Italian and foreign businesses, entities and individuals in the field of commercial and corporate law, as well as civil law in general.  

The Firm represents companies, institutions and individuals in every stage of judgment everywhere in Italy. Pellizzato law fim  is mainly focused on commercial transactions and ranges across the following areas and sectors: corporate law and liability actions against directors and statutory auditors, corporate acquisitions, financial market law and banking law, contracts, business crises, arrangements with creditors and debt restructuring, civil law in general including divorces, inheritance and real estate law.

To the foreign clients, the firm offers an in-depth knowledge of the Italian market and practical legal advice tailored to their specific need, thanks to the experience gained in structuring corporate operations from the purchase and sale of companies to joint ventures companies and commercial cooperation agreements with resident entities, transformations and corporate restructuring. This experience and knowledge of the particularities of the market in the Italian context, allow us to understand the client’s needs and find creative and innovative solutions in supporting the client’s goals, both in the negotiation and in the performance phase.


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Impresa e Coronavirus

L’impatto dell’emergenza epidemiologica sull’industria italiana e le imprese che ne fanno parte è di difficile stima. Tra i primi studi che si sono cimentati con il tema si può